Websitescanner Custom Schema plugin

The Websitescanner Custom Schema plugin makes it easy to place your own custom schema markup/structured data on your website.

Websitescanner custom schema plugin

Write Custom Schema Markup for each post/page within WordPress.

You have a website and you want to edit the Schema markup (also known as Structured data) on a page. With most plugins and themes you can’t do this, certainly not for each page.

To solve this problem I’ve created the Open Source plugin “Websitescanner Custom Schema”. The plugin adds on the bottom of the page/post editor page an extra field to place your own JSON-ld schema markup. 

This plugin is a match made in heaven with the Remove Schema plugin. With the remove schema plugin you can disable the Schema from another theme or plugin and write your own schema on a page level. 

For example, you remove the schema created by Yoast on a page and write better schema that matches the exact content of the page.

Custom schema markup

Automatic JSON validation

Websitescanner custom schema has automatic JSON validation in place. Every time you make a change it will display if your JSON is still formaten correctly.

When you publish a post the link to the Google Structured Data Tool links directly to the testing page. Ideal if you want to check instantly if you have formatted the schema markup correctly.

3x JSON-ld fields in the editor

The plugin support 3 extra JSON-ld fields to write your own Schema markup. 

Custom schema markup in WP