Remove Schema WordPress plugin

A handy plugin to remove duplicate schema generated by Yoast or other WP plugins or themes

Remove Schema WordPress plugin

Schema markup

Schema markup, also called “structured data” or “rich snippets” is a way to offer context to search engines for what the contents of a page is about. This way a search engine (or other data processor) knows that a page is about a person, organisation or event.

There is also a possibility that Google displays Rich snippets in the search results.

Remove Schema Markup

If you have a WordPress website with multiple plugins installed there is a big change multiple plugins or the theme offers its own schema. In most cases without a possibility to turn the schema off.

This could get confusing for the search engines because how do they know which schema markup can be trusted? What if the search engine uses the wrong schema?

To offer a solution I’ve created the “Remove Schema” plugin together with TweakTheWeb.
Remove Schema on

Remove Schema plugin Screenshots

Plugin / thema Schema markup removal

Using the plugin

The plugin is available on

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