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Unlimited pages WP plugin

Create a unlimited amount of lead generation pages. Catch any url and get more visitors and sales.

The unlimited pages plugin is build to create new leadgeneration sites quickly. With this plugin you can set an existing page as a page template and use variables to make it unique for every url you want.

You can create a template that can be filled in with every search term or location. If there isn’t an existing page for a given url then the url will be used as a variable.

Unlimited pages Options

Within the plugin settings you can set the base template and a url prefix.

Choose a base template

The base temple is a page you created before. You can edit the page however you want with the unique shortcodes provided. They’ll give you the words used in the current url in a nice and readable way.


The ‘prefix url’ is a word or term used before the variable url. By using a prefix you can for example use /webdesigners/new-york as a url by setting webdesigners as the prefix url.

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v1.1.0 20 November 2019
- Improved API Key validation
- Added flush_rewrite_rules() so the plugin works instantly after setting the origin page.

v1.0.0 9 November 2019
- First release

How to install the Unlimited pages plugin

  1. Upload `unlimited-pages` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Fill in the product id (324) and license code to activate the product license. The license code can be found on your account page.
  4. Place `<?php echo do_shortcode( '[unlimited_pages pattern="slug"]' ); ?>` in your templates to get the custom slug variable in the page [unlimited_pages pattern="slug"].
  5. Create a origin page and set it as the default page in the Unlimited pages plugin settings.

79,00 incl. BTW / year